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    Hi, my name is Akiko Kimizuka.


    I was born in Tokyo, Japan and first came to Los Angeles as a high school exchange student. Later, I became an International Flight Attendant, wife, and mother to 2 wonderful children.


    Balancing my work travels all over the globe, along with caring for my children, left me with very little time for myself. My self care was lacking. Further, the consistent flying and exposure to the dry environment of the airplane left my skin dry and my appearance fatigued.

    Then, as we all do, I turned to the expensive, brand name skincare products from the duty free stores I frequented; I didn’t know any better.

    Some worked more than others, but I was never satisfied.


    Soon after, while enduring this struggle, my flying partner introduced me to essentials oils to help me with my sleep. Traveling through several time zones made sleep difficult, which made the opportunities I did have to sleep of the upmost importance.

    Needless to say, the effects of the essential oils were great, and I immediately recognized their potential for making my life better.


    A year later, I was able to enroll in an essential oil training course through the Aqua Beauty House, hopeful to learn more of their application to my busy life.

    It was a fascinating, unique experience and it was there that I learned the art of mixing essential oils for their unique purpose.

    It was through this knowledge that I was able to create my own beauty oil!


    My face would stay fresh, and my skin didn’t dry out anymore. Even further, the ingredients were all natural, and chemical free.

    After continued research and trials with various oils, Inner Beauty Oil was finally born!


    Inner Beauty Oil is made from 9 plants and flowers, precious energy from Mother Earth.

    I have been using it personally day and night for the last 13 years, and my skin still glows more than it ever has.


    We all have a source of inner beauty within.

    Let it flow and glow, with a little help from our Mother Nature.

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